How to migrate from Pine to Evolution

0) Copy your Pine .addressbook to LHE01, where we have std. Pine version 
   (pine-4.64-1.1.fc3.rf) :

     scp .addressbook lhe01:

Login to lhe01 and export from Pine your addressbook into VCard format.

1) First of all, your Pine addressbook should be in correct format
   to have correct Evolution VCard format on its input.
   That means every address which has in Pine form like

      nickname    Your_name>     email 

   should have in 2-nd field (Your_name) one ',', assuming names like these:

     Family_name, First_name
     Korzhavina, Irina
     Zotov, N.P.

   Same for lists :
     DESY-rus  Russian_friends   [some list of emails]
       modify 2-nd field :
     DESY-rus  Russian_friends, list   [some list of emails]
   In this case on input to Evolution you will have correct
   addressbook format and conversion will be painless.
   So, better to spend some time in well known Pine to correct 
    fields. To do that just open .addressbook
   in Nedit and correct second field.

2) After those corrections you may export addressbook into VCard format:

pine                   # start Pine and press below symbols subsequently
A [ go to addressbook]
; [ Select ]
A [ select All ]
A [ Apply ]
S [ Save ]
E [ Export ]
V [ VCard ]
[File:] .addressbook.vcf 

3) Correct .addressbook.vcf one more time (to unify EMAIL field) with call 
   You will get corrected file as .addressbook.upd.vcf .
4) Copy it to your PC. Remove old Evolution installation if any :

    rm -rf .evolution/ .gconf/apps/evolution

5) Start Evolution :

   evolution &
6) Configure it at start up :

   Server Type:       IMAP
   Secure Connection: Whenever Possible
   Remember Password: check it
   Sending Email page:
   Server Type:       Sendmail     SMTP сервер для исходящих писем

   Имя вашего email account-а должно быть в форме вашего email адреса: .
   Importing files page:
   Do NOT check *Addressbook* this time - we will do that later.  

 It will import all your Pine mail/ directory placing it in
 .evolution/mail/local/ .
 Exit Evolution.

7) To import addressbook do following :

   evolution --force-shutdown
   gconftool-2 --shutdown
   rm -f .evolution/addressbook/local/system/addressbook.db*

   evolution &
   Select Contacts and in File select Import, 
   on next page check 'Import single file',
   as file give '.addressbook.upd.vcf' and select VCard format,
   press Forward, Import - and you are done!
   To activate nicknames, select Edit -> Preferencies and therein
   select Autocompletiotio and there check Personal . 

8) To see local emails on your PC (LHE04 below) you need to create one more
   Evolution account:
    open Edit -> Preferences (or Settings) and fill in appropriate fields :
      Name: LHE04
      Server type: select "Standard UNIX mbox spool or directory"
      Path: /var/mail/
      Host: lhe04

9) Protect your mail directory :

 l .evolution/

drwxrwxr-x    4 rud rud  4096 Nov 13  2004 addressbook/
drwxrwxr-x    8 rud rud  4096 Jan 21 15:03 mail/
    chmod 754 .evolution/mail/ .evolution/addressbook/

Last modified on Apr 13, 2011.