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Office: KVE (building of high energy physics) / room 412 , Tel: (+7 495 (939)) 3568

There are three international airports in Moscow:
All airoports are connected with Moscow by local trains and buses. Check the above pages to see the connections.
To reach Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP)
go to the Metro station "Universitet". Use the exit which is closer to the 1st car of the metro train going from the city center. SINP is within walking distance. The way from the metro station "Universitet" (M) to the KVE (building of high energy physics) of SINP is shown by the green line on the map.

How to use public transport in Moscow
Metro ( map)
1) Enter metro station, buy a metro ticket in the ticket-office if You have not it yet. There are tickes for 1 (28 rubles), 2 (56 rub), 5 (135 rub), 10 (260 rub), 20 (~500 rub) and 60 (~1400 rub.) trips. You will find a table with the prices near the ticket-office.
2) Go to the turnstiles, touch your ticket on the right from your entry. You will see green circle and number of remaininig trips (after this one), GO! For the first time, look how other people use the tickets. No ticket validation is needed when You leave the metro station.
1) Buy a bus ticket in a kiosk near the bus stop if You have not it yet. There are tickes for 1 (25 rubles), 2 (50 rub), 5 (98 rub) and 10 (195 rub) trips. You will find a table with the prices near the kiosk window. It is possible to buy a ticket for 1 trip from the bus driver (28 rub).
2) Enter a bus through the front door, stick your ticket into a machine near the turnstile and take it. Go through the turnstile. Number of remaining trips will be printed on your ticket. For the first time, look how other people enter the bus. Leave the bus through the middle or backward door.
Small bus (Minibus-Shuttle)
1) Usual price is 20 or 25 rubles. It is written on the bus window or above the driver sit.
2) Enter a small bus and pass money to the driver. Do not forget to take a change. Usually drivers give no tickets.
3) Ask the driver to stop at the needed place. Not all drivers understand Englis. And all of them will understand "Stop here, please", "Metro, please", "Hotel, please".
You can find more information on this site

Money change
You can find the current official rates for dollars and euros here
Exchange rates in airoports and hotels are usually not too good.
You can find better rates in the exchange offices. There are many such offices in the city and they are safe enough.
You can change other money (Swiss francs, UK pounds, Japanese yens and others) in Sberbank, e.g. near SINP.
Traveller's checks are not too popular although they can be converted to money in any bank.
Credit cards are accepted in big shops and restaurants.

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